We Are:

  • Local San Diego residents and homeowners like you.
  • Tax payers and contributors to the local San Diego economy like you.
  • The hard-working middle class like you.
  • Go-getters trying to make ends meet in this expensive city like you.
  • Reasonable and responsible neighbors like you.
  • Local small business owners, restauranteurs, and service industry professionals who rely on the tourism economy like you.
  • San Diego natives and transplants of all ages and backgrounds who love this city and want to see it thrive like you.

We are Share San Diego and we are a coalition of local Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO hosts, local property owners, local businesses, and professional management companies advocating for common-sense Short-Term Rental (STR) regulations in the City of San Diego. We are dedicated to protecting private property rights while allowing our guests to enjoy the benefits of neighborhood living while supporting our local economy.

Our goal is to share this wonderful city we call home with the rest of the world–Share San Diego.