Help Protect Short-Term Rentals

The San Diego City Council will be considering important components to Council President Jennifer Campbell’s Good Neighbor short-term rental ordinance during the October 11, 2021 hearing. Updates will include information on how licenses will be allocated and license fees.

How to Help


Write the City Council, and the California Coastal Commission to support the commonsense regulations proposed by Council President Campbell.

Earlier this year, the San Diego City Council passed a STR Ordinance. The new law is scheduled to take effect citywide July 1, 2022, but first the City Staff must develop the details for how the law will be implemented. These details, or administrative regulations, regulations that will be presented to the City Council on October 11, 2021 and include information  such as how licenses will be granted, how the City will enforce the new rules and what information will be documented online.

Before the law can be implemented in the Coastal Zones, the City must obtain approval from the California Coastal Commission which oversees San Diego’s beach communities.

Opponents of STRs are petitioning the California Coastal Commission to reject the ordinance. If successful, they could then advocate for fewer STR licenses or all out bans in lieu of the commonsense regulations that were passed.

Please tell the California Coastal Commission and the San Diego City Council why you support STRs and the City’s reasonable approach to regulations, such as:
  • The ordinance is a compromise that strikes a balance between residential neighborhoods, hotels and STRs while ensuring access to the coast pursuant to the objectives of the California Coastal Act
  • There are few hotel and overnight accommodations in San Diego’s beach communities; STRs are a low-cost alternative to hotels that keep our beaches open to all Californians
  • San Diego’s beach communities, especially Mission Beach, have long been supporters of STRs and should be protected from bans
  • Mission Beach in particular has been a vacation rental destination for more than 100 years
  • The Mission Beach Town Council, comprised of Mission Beach residents and business owners, overwhelmingly voted to allow up to 30 percent of dwelling units to be used as STRs – a policy that was included in the City’s STR ordinance
  • Many Mission Beach businesses depend on the foot traffic created by STRs
  • Families throughout the City depend on the income created by STRs
  • STRs allow traveling families to stay together and avoid public areas, such as hotels, where the risk of COVID-19 transmission is more likely