STRASD is a coalition of in-home hosts, property owners and professional management companies advocating for common-sense regulations for Short Term Rentals (STRs).

We are dedicated to protecting private property rights while allowing our guests to enjoy the benefits of neighborhood living while supporting our local economy.


1. Defining what a “Short Term Rental” (STR) is in the San Diego Municipal Code and create a limited use for them within the Land Development Code

2. Allowing STRs by right in all residential land use zones under the limited use definition and not requiring a separate permit to operate

3. Defining the length of stay for an STR as no more than 30 consecutive days

4. Greater enforcement of current noise/nuisance abatement laws

5. Providing all STR guests with an established “Code of Conduct”

6. Registration for all STRs through the Transit Occupancy Tax registration process

a. Support payment of all TOT and other related taxes

b. Support online registration for all STR properties

c. Support online contact information to be available 24/7/365 for all STR properties

d. Support requiring TOT registration number to be posted on all marketing materials

7. Treating “hosted” and “non-hosted” STRs the same

8. Property owner’s right to determine the number of days in a calendar year an STR will be rented out

9. Allowing the guest to dictate the number of nights they wish to stay in STRs

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