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How STRs Help San Diego

How STRs Help San Diego

STRASD believes in “Good Neighbor,” “Good Host” and “Good Guest” guidelines, when observed, protect neighborhoods by ensuring quiet, peaceful enjoyment for everyone—neighbor, guest and host alike

We believe STRs bring tangible benefits to homeowners, residents, travelers and local communities

We think people have a right to rent their property on a short-term basis, whether it's on VRBO, Airbnb, HomeAway, through a professional management service or any other platform

STRASD believes existing regulations provide sufficient tools to address the actions of the few non-compliant STR hosts.  San Diego’s current noise ordinances, neighborhood parking regulations, trash guidelines, and building code—along with their complementary enforcement mechanisms—can ensure that STRs continue to be healthy contributors to our city.

STRASD promotes the vacation rental industry and the local economy in San Diego by:

• Maintaining good relationships between vacation rental guests and property owners

• Maintaining good working relationships with property owner associations and vacation rental companies and hosts

• Committing to “good neighbor” policies and responsible business practices

• We support requiring our members to the highest standards of ethical business practices. This ensures that our guests enjoy a positive vacation experience

• Our members recognize that a pleasurable vacation experience leads to repeat business and positive word of mouth

• Our members are here to help both guests and local residents alike

• Many of our members serve as leaders within the local business community

• Our members endeavor to eliminate any practices in the community that could be damaging to the public or could bring discredit to the short term rental industry

• Educate local citizens, city officials, and politicians about the benefits of short term rentals and improve services and communication

• We believe that short term rentals play an important role in a healthy economy and diversified tourism. Short term rentals are acknowledged all over the world as an alternative to resort and hotel type of accommodations

• We believe that this industry needs a fair regulation and license process in order to control proliferation and problems caused by poorly managed establishments and to preserve the character of neighborhoods

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