Fair and balanced STR regulation can help San Diego thrive.

Share San Diego fully supports the City of San Diego’s effort to develop a sensible, fair ordinance that will allow property owners to responsibly manage their STRs.

We are currently working to establish “Best Practices” guidelines to help STR owner-operators conduct business in a manner that respects neighborhoods, ensures safety, and promotes quiet enjoyment of our neighborhoods for guests and neighbors alike.

We encourage the City to adopt regulation that ensures full compliance and maximizes STRs’ benefits to the City.

Share San Diego advocates common-sense STR regulation for San Diego through five simple principles:

1. Definition of STR in the Municipal Code – Defining STRs as a limiter by right use in all residential zones without the need for the owner or operator to apply for and obtain a Conditional Use Permit or Neighborhood Use Permit

2. No Minimum Rental Terms nor Annual Cap – Regulations which set a minimum number of days a property must be rented, as well as limits the number of days per year a property can be rented short-term are not common-sense nor enforceable regulations. Limiting the number of permitted STR days per year—as does San Francisco’s current regulation, which caps the allowable STR days per property at 90—would either drive the majority of STRs underground, out of business or promote unenforceable non-compliance

3. Prevent Confusion and Ensure Enforceability – Share San Diego supports equal treatment and regulation of owner-occupied home sharing and non-owner occupied whole-home rentals

4. Payment of TOT and Other Taxes — Share San Diego believes that collecting and paying Transient Occupancy Tax is imperative. We support full payment and the flexibility for property owners/operators to pay the TOT and related taxes through existing business relationships with the City or via the online rental platform whichever is the fairest, simplest and most transparent method to TOT compliance

5. Establishment and Enforcement of Good Neighbor Policies — Share San Diego believes every STR guest should be presented with and be required to abide by an industry standard Code of Conduct to ensure safe and quiet enjoyment of the neighborhood by all guests and residents. We also support the enforcement of the noise and nuisance abatement regulations already contained in the Municipal Code and would support a “three-strike” penalty system, in which properties that incur ongoing, verifiable complaints will receive escalating penalties and loss of ability to rent as an STR

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