Family rents out home to afford staying in the same neighborhood

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My Name is Aaron and I originally came to San Diego from Idaho 23 years ago pursuing a beach volleyball career and a new life here in Mission Beach. I spent weeks and months training, working locally and surviving on P.B and J’s and Top Ramen at the same time moving from one rental to another in Mission Beach until my eventual income allowed me to finally purchase a 2BR/2BA condo just south of Belmont Park. I eventually married and lived into that unit for the next 17 years.

We eventually had a young boy and then 2 years later a lil’ girl, while still living in that small 2 bedroom. We loved the idea of raising a small family here in Mission Beach, surfing, sailing and of course beach volleyball. As you can imagine, we eventually out-grew our lovely unit and had to seek a larger place to live. However, a larger unit means much more money and we would have to rent for we could not afford to buy another place. We did not want to leave Mission Beach though, so we looked and looked for the right place for our family.

Luckily, we found one only about 500 yards from our current place and fortunately we knew the landlord (also a MB resident) and he was willing to allow us to look into rental options for our current place to help supplement the difference in rent for his larger unit only blocks away. We penciled-out a basic rent for long-term tenants or even students as an option but neither one penciled out.

We then looked into the short term rental option and while the process seemed daunting at the time, we realized it was the only way we could afford to make the move and stay in Mission Beach.

So we took the chance! And within a few months we were able to make enough income to afford to move to a larger place to raise our small family of four and stay in the same neighborhood.

I’m thankful for the opportunity and right to offer our place for short term rentals and welcome new families from out-of-state and abroad to rent our home for the San Diego beach experience. If this new ordinance voted on by the city council of banning stort-term rentals truly holds up then we will be forced to move elsewhere and perhaps out of Mission Beach which is where we’d have called home for 23 years.

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