The California Assembly has passed the ban on STRs in San Diego but it’s not over yet!

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With your help we can still stop this ban from becoming law, here’s what you can do to help today!
Thank you to everyone who wrote, called, and emailed the Assembly regarding AB 1731. Unfortunately the bill passed the Assembly last week (42 Ayes, 23 Noes, 15 No Vote Recorded). Here is how your San Diego legislators voted:

  • District 75: Marie Waldron – Voted to oppose AB 1731
  • District 76: Tasha Boerner-Horvath – Voted to support AB 1731
  • District 77: Brian Maienschein – Abstained
  • District 78: Todd Gloria – Voted to oppose AB 1731
  • District 79: Shirley Weber – Voted to support AB 1731
  • District 80: Lorena Gonzales – Voted to support AB 1731

The bill is now being reviewed by the State Senate Committee on Rules. We are optimistic that the Senate will recognize AB 1731 is a gross overreach into local governance and likely illegal as San Diego’s Union Tribune Editorial Board wrote citing the California Constitution and interjecting:

“Boerner Horvath’s argument that her bill is not interfering with local control because the California Coastal Commission has so much say over issues in coastal areas is simply unpersuasive. The state Senate should reject this bill and leave individual cities to craft solutions.”

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