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A Record 15,000 Airbnb Guests Visited San Diego Over the Labor Day Weekend, Resulting in $5.2 Revenue for San Diego

This Labor Day weekend, 15,000 travelers used Airbnb to visit San Diego, according to new Airbnb booking data. With roughly three quarters of Airbnb listings located outside hotel zones, short-term rentals bring economic activity to neighborhoods around San Diego. This past Labor Day weekend, Airbnb hosts across San Diego earned $5.2 million. A recent study […]

Referendum Surpasses Signature Goal

With your support and contributions throughout this past month, Share San Diego today joined HomeAway and Airbnb to successfully submit more signatures than needed to the Registrar of Voters to qualify a referendum. We were joined by San Diego Councilmember Scott Sherman, local homeowners, short-term rental hosts, small businesses and community leaders. For years we have […]

Family rents out home to afford staying in the same neighborhood

My Name is Aaron and I originally came to San Diego from Idaho 23 years ago pursuing a beach volleyball career and a new life here in Mission Beach. I spent weeks and months training, working locally and surviving on P.B and J’s and Top Ramen at the same time moving from one rental to another in Mission Beach until my eventual income allowed me to finally purchase a 2BR/2BA condo just south of Belmont Park. I eventually married and lived into that unit for the next 17 years. We eventually had a young boy and then 2 years later a lil’ girl, while still living in that small 2 bedroom. We loved the idea of raising a small family here in Mission Beach, surfing, sailing and of course beach volleyball. As you can imagine, we eventually out-grew our lovely unit and had to seek a larger place to live. However, a larger unit means much more money and we would have to rent for we could not afford to buy another place. We did not want to leave Mission Beach though, so we looked and looked for the right place for our family...

Our first step in fighting this ban

Share San Diego is working with home sharing platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway to help overturn the recently adopted de facto ban on short term rentals in the City of San Diego. Together we will lead a referendum on the de facto ban and here’s what that means

Local business owner relies on tourism dollars from STR’s

My name is Matt Gardner and I am the Owner of Cheap Rentals. I started working at Cheap Rentals right out of high school when my uncle owned the business. I worked there until 2007 when I took the business over after my uncle decided to retire. I built the business up from there with an additional store location in Belmont Park as well as a big increase in our menu and service offering. We went from only myself as the employee running the business as owner operated only to having over 20 employees, many of which live in Mission Beach themselves. I have also been a resident for over 12 years in Mission Beach, I am a board member of the Mission Beach Town Council and I stay very active in the community. I have a deep sense of pride in welcoming the visitors to San Diego. Both visitors and locals alike come to the beach from all walks of life and depend upon a fun and relaxing experience to recharge their batteries in life. Life long memories are made with their most beloved friends and family and we get the distinct joy of enhancing and guiding that experience. We don’t just rent gear but we act as a sort of welcoming committee helping people make the most of their time at [...]

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