In an unprecedented move on July 16, the City Council voted to ban Short Term Rentals in every San Diego neighborhood.

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Here’s what happened:

On July 16, the powerful Hotel Lobby interjects into San Diego politics once more as it pressured the City Council into taking the unprecedented step of banning short term rentals in San Diego. In a 6-3 vote the city voted to restrict short term rentals to primary residence only with a maximum of 6 months of renting.

This decision represents a massive loss for both property rights and the tourism industry in San Diego. The Council’s decision will leave thousands of short term rental hosts without a lifeline and even more small business crippled with losses in business.

From here the City Council will still need to perform a second reading in two weeks to finalize the ordinance which will take some time to implement, but they are expected to move quickly to make this ban a reality.

In the meantime we are regrouping to determine what, if any, next steps we will take to fight back at the Hotel Lobby and this ban. But we will need your help both financially and in action. For too long we have sat on the sidelines assured that level heads would respect property rights but the City Council has proven that assumption wrong.

In the coming days we will be asking for your support, donations, and action.

We Support:

Share San Diego advocates responsible property management and good neighbor policies whether it be a short term rental, long-term rental or an owner occupied home. We do not support policies that will trample property owners’ rights and negatively impact the tourism that San Diego depends upon as a major part of its economy. Short Term Rentals bring valuable, multi-tiered benefits to San Diego and its neighborhoods.

We DO NOT Support:

Show your support – Please help us protect your property rights and keep short-term rentals as an option for visitors to San Diego

Limiting Stay

Unreasonable regulations on the length of stay

Limiting Zone

Limiting STRs in any neighborhood or residential and commercial land use zone

Limiting Amount

Regulations limiting the number of days a home can be rented in a given month or year

Limiting Area

Regulations limiting the number of STRs in a neighborhood or area