When voters have a say, short term rentals win!

September 25, 2018

Over 62,000 San Diegans — nearly twice the amount needed — signed the petition to stop the de-facto ban on short-term rentals because they agree there is a better solution than the onerous law that was passed. Short-term rentals are an important property right that help owners, managers and hosts earn valuable extra income, contribute needed tax revenue to the city’s budget, and have long been part of the fabric of San Diego. We believe there’s a better way and look forward to a resolution whether it be by the city or the voters.

What's next?

The San Diego City Clerk has presented the notice of sufficiency to the San Diego City Council, stating the referendum has been certified. The Clerk noted the City Council only has only two options now:

  1. Rescind their July 16 ordinance or
  2. Place the ordinance before the voters at a future date

They will make their decision on

Monday, October 22 at 12:00pm
City Administration Building
Council chambers (12th floor)
202 C Street
San Diego, CA 92101

It is imperative that you set time aside to attend this hearing to show that San Diego will not tolerate the taking away of personal property rights, and devastating our tourism economy.

What you can do right now

Here's what happened

On July 16, the powerful Hotel Lobby interjected into San Diego politics once more as it pressured the City Council into taking the unprecedented step of banning short term rentals in San Diego.

In a 6-3 vote, the following councilmembers voted to restrict short term rentals to primary residence only with a maximum of 6 months of renting:

This decision represents a massive loss for both property rights and the tourism industry in San Diego. The Council’s decision will leave thousands of short term rental hosts without a lifeline and even more small business crippled with losses in revenue and traffic.

Council then proceeded with a second reading on Aug 1 to finalize the ordinance. This will take some time to implement, but they are expected to move quickly to make this ban a reality.

Although the opposition cheered and rejoiced at the end of these last hearings, they also made it very clear that this is just the first step they are taking to impose their will and desire to enact even further restrictions as a next step beyond what they consider to be just a first step this round.

Steps we've taken to fight back

Share San Diego is working with home sharing platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway to help overturn this de facto ban on short term rentals. Together we are leading a referendum on the de facto ban and here’s what that means:

  • City of San Diego law allows for a referendum on laws passed by the City Council
  • We have succeeded in gathering signatures from more than the required 5% of the voters in the City of San Diego, and the signatures have been verified by the Registrar of Voters.
  • City council will have the option to rescind the ordinance they passed or send it to the ballot for San Diegans to decide.
  • Our next steps from there will depend on which route they take.

To be successful, we will need your help both financially and in action. For too long we have sat on the sidelines assured that level heads would respect property rights but the City Council has proven that assumption wrong.

Contact your council members

And let them know you disagree with their decision! This current and any future city council has the ability to undo any legislation they pass. So this fight is far from over and we need to make it clear to city council that what they have done so far was a mistake. Inaction at this point serves as validation that they made the right choice, so now is the time to make your voice heard!

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